Mohsen Shafie

Fairplay – MVP

I was the cofounder of the Gandom and the only product designer in our team. The MVP phase of this project was done in the summer of 2018. It was delivered as a website with a huge emphasis on mobile devices.

project summary

When visitors are trying to visit a fair, they ask other visitors or exhibitors, where they can find certain products or companies.

However this way of finding what they want, often leads to confusion and most of the time they’re not confident whether or not they’ve visited every possible company that might solve their problem.

Fairplay was an attempt to make the process of finding companies easier for visitors, based on their needs and let them to offload their visiting history into the app for a free mind to focus on important stuff.

The problem

Visiting a fair with a business goal in mind feels like a nightmare to visitors, due to how unorganized the fair is.

Visitors don’t know exactly where to find what they’re looking for so they have to ask other visitors who are no more knowledgeable. even after finishing their visits, they don’t feel confident cause they think they might have missed some of the potential business opportunities and they don’t remember every company they’ve visited.

User goal

based on the research, every visit consists of three phases.

“visitors need an easy way to find all of the companies and products they want based on their needs and manage their visits so they don’t have to keep everything in mind and be able to focus on important stuff which is negotiating with companies.”


this design should act like a personal assistant and do all the planning, guidance and reminding for visitors.

search and browsing

  • map helps visitors to check a hall’s situation at a glance, and find the location of their targets easier.
  • category gives an easy way of filtering results to visitors.
  • search enables users to specifically look for a word in company name or product name.

State of companies

  • company data gives visitors a quick view and enough data to decide on their actions.
  • go button gives visitors the ability to plan ahead their desired booths and don’t forget what they wanted to visit.
  • check button after visiting a booth, visitors can change the state of that booth to checked, so they don’t have to remember anything.
  • more info enables visitors to get extra information about certain companies by clicking on the company name.

New experience

  1. Find companies that you want to visit and mark them.
  2. check off those companies you visited.
  3. tap on a company name or image for more options.
  4. star your favorite companies to know who you wanna do business with.


With fairplay, users could find all of the companies that solved their problem easily. They also didn’t have to memorize which company they’ve visited so far, which led to ease of mind. In general, visitors felt more confident and less frustrated while visiting a fair after using the fairplay.

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