Mohsen Shafie


This phase of the project was done in the Q4 of 2021. I worked as the only product designer and frontend developer alongside a team of backend developers.

What Is Shopyol

Shopyol acts as a middleman between Iranians and the Trendyol website (ecommerce based on turkey). because of sanctions against Iran, we don’t have access to international payment systems like Paypal or visa and these websites don’t ship their products to Iran. So Iranians can’t buy directly from foreign ecommerce websites like amazon or trendyol.

Therefore people who want to buy from these platforms pay the price of their purchase in Rial ( Iran’s currency) to a middleman like Shopyol, and Shopyol buys that product and Imports it to Iran and delivers to the customer.

Project summary

When Users place an order in Shopyol, an operator from Shopyol must place the same order on Trendyol in order for the purchase to be finalized.

Sometimes this extra step in buying process, puts the user in trouble. there is a delay between the operator sees a user’s order and placing that order on Trendyol. Because of this delay, one or more items might get out of stock on Trendyol and users have to face an unpleasant step and resolve it by being called from Shopyol. that’s a bad user experience in a buying process.

In this project we tried to minimize this bad experience and give users full control over their order while an item is out of stock, so they can choose what they want to do with their order and mix and match their items again.

The problem

When an order can’t be placed by Shopyol operator due to an item being out of stock, users weren’t notified throughout the website about the problem and the order page acted like everything was normal. Then suddenly users had to face a phone call by Shopyol to sort out their problematic order.

in this situation, customers usually go through many emotions like anger or frustration and they have to decide on the phone while being under pressure and not having enough data to act.

So over half of these users get angry and cancel their purchase on the phone and they might never buy again from Shopyol.

Business problem

Because users face this unexpected situation in their buying process, it leads to:

User goal

When this situation is unavoidable, users want to be in control of their whole order list again and mix and match their items. they need to have enough information and be able to decide what to do without being under pressure and with ease of mind.

Business goal

We want to make sure users don’t cancel their orders while facing this situation and complete their orders . lowering the rate of cancellation is the main business objective of this project.


When users face this unwanted situation, their cart goes into edit mode and they can remove, change or keep every item on that list.

New experience

  1. User sees the situation of her order and why it’s happening.
  2. She has full control over her order. She can cancel the order, add new items to it and resolve the problem of highlighted products.
  3. If the new order is more expensive than the initial one, she pays the extra fee and finalizes her order.


After making it possible for users to edit their order, they were more likely to fix the problem and place it again. they felt more confident to make decisions, not in a rush and less angry. It all led to a better user experience and less cancellation rate.

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